jeff-waldridge-modJeff Waldridge is the guide and creator of The Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk. Jeff has been a paranormal investigator for over 16 years, and has been researching the paranormal for over 20 years. He works on a regular basis with several established names in the paranormal field. He brings a logical and skeptical approach to all investigations he conducts. He was a law enforcement officer for over 13 years and uses the skills learned in that field on his investigations. Jeff has appeared in several TV, radio, and media articles across the country. When not working with The Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk he enjoys traveling the country in his role as one of the producers of The Nick Groff Tour.

The Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk is a guided, historic ghost walk through Downtown Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where walkers will hear true stories of hauntings, mystery and history. This ghost walk will be used to help promote tourism to the Lawrenceburg area and is run by Kentucky Ghost Tours.

The Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk will be held every Saturday from June 25th until Halloween. The tour will start at 8 PM from 100 South Main St. The cost of the tour is $10.00 per person. All major credit cards and cash are accepted as payment. Customers may reserve their tickets in advance or contact us by calling 502-510-8777.